Posted by: Jeff Germain | December 16, 2009

Debugging Server Object Extensions

Not sure how I missed this one, but Dave just turned me onto it. Simon, over at Map Butcher, did a great post a while back on how to debug server object extensions in Visual Studio. Check it out here and say good-bye to “debugging” using log files.

So, to roll with this using the post-build event configuration in my previous post, you’ll need to copy over the your SOE’s debug file (.pdb). Do it manually from the bin\debug folder, or add it to the post-build event as follows:

   1: IF EXIST $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOE.dll (

   2:     $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\regasm /unregister $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOE.dll

   3: )

   4: IF EXIST $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOEInterface.dll (

   5:     $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\regasm /unregister $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOEInterface.dll

   6: )


   8: SC STOP ArcServerObjectManager

   9: ping -n 5 localhost > NUL


  11: DEL $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\*.dll

  12: DEL $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\*.tlb

  13: DEL $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\*.pdb

  14: DEL $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\Logs\*.txt


  16: COPY $(TargetDir)*.dll $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\*.dll

  17: IF $(ConfigurationName)==Debug (

  18:     COPY $(TargetDir)$(TargetName).pdb $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\$(TargetName).pdb

  19: )

  20: ping -n 2 localhost > NUL

  21: $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\regasm $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOE.dll /tlb:$(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOE.tlb /codebase

  22: $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\regasm $(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOEInterface.dll /tlb:$(SolutionDir)_install_ComUtilities\CDOT.ArcGisServer.SOEs.LrsSOEInterface.tlb /codebase


  24: SC START ArcServerObjectManager

What’s new?

Line 1 & 4:  To avoid errors I’ve added a check to unregister DLLs only if they exist.

Line 13:  Delete any debug files from output directory.

Line 17:  If SOE’s build is configured for “Debug”, then copy only the SOE’s debug file to the output directory.

That’s it. Now you’re ready to debug your SOE.

Happy debugging!



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