Posted by: Jeff Germain | January 20, 2010

Default draw symbology in the ESRI Flex Starter Kit

If you have used ESRI’s Flex Starter Kit you may have noticed an annoying feature when sketching graphics on the map via your custom widgets or their DrawWidget. When sketching a polygon, it requires 2 vertices before the sketch is drawn on the map. This only confuses your users as they are not sure their sketch has begun.

Anyways, it’s a simple fix… 2 lines of code. In MapManager::config() method, the Draw object is instantiated. Insert code to set default fillSymbol, lineSymbol, and markerSymbol. Here’s how:

drawToolbar = new Draw(); = map;            

drawToolbar.addEventListener(DrawEvent.DRAW_END, onDrawEnd);

// DTSAgile: Add default symbols so polygons are visible from first click when drawing

drawToolbar.lineSymbol = new SimpleLineSymbol("solid",0x333333, .8, 1);                    

drawToolbar.fillSymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol("solid", 0x333333, 0.15, new SimpleLineSymbol("solid",0x333333, .8, 1));                        

// drawToolbar.markerSymbol - add here...

// End DTSAgile edits

Note: This certainly isn’t limited to the ESRI Flex Starter Kit. This will occur anytime you try to draw a polygon using the Draw object and default symbols have not been set.

The likely culprit in all this is ESRI’s Flex API for Draw(). It does not seem to set the outline symbol for the fillSymbol. Thus, there is no area to fill until 2 vertices have been added to your sketch, and no outline symbol to show you where you started your sketch!


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