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  1. Hi from Switzerland 🙂

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Can you tell me if you have a brother named Joel?

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Greating for the day!!

    I want to reskin the Sample flex viewer in the same way you have done it.
    I need your help

  4. Trying here as my proxy server blocks the other comment area.

    This is in regards to the bug in the InfoWindows popup. have you tested your fix on the flexviewer 2.4?

    I am running that one, and can’t figure out where/how to paste the code. There is NO init() statement anywhere in the MapManager.mxml for the 2.4 version. If I try to add one, I get all kinds of errors (mostly as I am new to this and don’t know what I am doing completely).

    Thanks for any help,


    • Rhett,

      I’ve updated the post with examples for ArcGIS Viewer 2.3.1 and 2.4.
      That should help you workaround the issue.


  5. Thanks Jeff, got it to work.

    Had to replace your “” with ” ” to get it to work and add the import statement for the changewatcher (import mx.binding.utils.ChangeWatcher), then it seems to be working.

    However, I am also utilizing Roberts InfoTemplate widget with the multiimagery option in the same Flexviewer map. Once I identify a feature with the InfoTemplates widget, it will capture my field and will then put that on the top of the Popup window for the next several clicks. Then, after several clicks, the only thing listed in the Popup window is the (wrong) “Title”, after a few more clicks, the only thing visible is the “zoom to” button. Even if I comment out the block in the Popupconfig.xml, it will still put up the “title” from the last feature I clicked on with the InfoTemplates. So, for some reason, there is a conflict between the Popup feature and the modified InfoTemplates widget.

    Any ideas on how to make it clear everything when switching between the built in Popup window and the InfoTemplates widget?

    Thanks again for the help,


  6. Jeff,

    Better yet, any ideas on how to make Roberts InfoTemplates widget wrap the text in the window instead of resizing the window to fit text?

    The only reason I am trying to utilize both is the InfoTemplates widget gets so large it goes off the map (with long text string in attribute field), and does not reset when I click a feature with a short text string. (however, it supports the milti image thing, which I really need since there is STILL no way to hyperlink to related fields).

    Thanks again,


  7. Hi,

    i am ganesan working as a HR and i would like to learn can you plz send me if any complete tutorial for me.

    thanks & regards,

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